DuPage County Announces Late Fee Waiver

Posted April 30, 2020

After considering the question for the past several weeks, DuPage County announced yesterday that they will be waiving late fees for certain taxpayers who pay the first installment of their 2019 property taxes after their due date of June 1st. The announcement by the DuPage County Board laid out several criteria that must be met in order for taxpayers to take advantage of this waiver.

The 4 criteria that would qualify a taxpayer for this relief are:

  1. The taxpayer was laid off after March 9 (assuming they were employed for 90 days prior to their termination)
  2. The taxpayer has seen a reduction in income of at least 20 percent.
  3. The taxpayer has been unable to collect at least 80 percent of rent for the months of March-May.
  4. A business owned by the taxpayer has been shut down as non-essential and has not received relief from the CARES Act.

If the taxpayer meets either of these criteria, they must attest to this via an application found on the DuPage County Treasurer’s website and submit said application before June 1st. If a taxpayer qualifies for this program, they will have until September 1st to pay the first installment of their 2019 taxes without penalty.